Samuel Kidoguchi

Director / Cinematographer / Colorist



Samuel Kidoguchi

Throughout my life I have been drawn to filmmaking as a medium of thought, expression, and in particular the way that movies can visually dramatize relationships between individuals and their environment. My dad’s roots are in Hawaii, and my mom’s are in Montana, two very different settings. As a biracial asian-american growing up in Oregon, I struggled to connect with others growing up, and often felt misperceived and miscategorized while trying to figure out my own identity. I turned inward, reading a lot of literature and watching a ton of movies. Then, in middle school, I began taking filmmaking workshops at NW Film Center and Open Signal. At Open Signal, I first discovered a diverse, inclusive atmosphere that made video and audio equipment available and encouraged experimentation. A little later, in my first year of high school, I began taking video production classes and volunteering at youth camps, which gave me a way to explore and connect with my neighborhood.

Since then, I have continued my education at Portland State University while working at Open Signal in their production department, experimenting with my own short films, doing some freelance photography and working with others on projects. I have worked with Ifanyi Bell on documentaries about the history of racial oppression in Portland, been a camera operator at large outdoor and indoor concerts, a colorist for hockey games, done editing and camera work in numerous freelance gigs, and am the cinematographer and co-producer of a feature by Janette Bloom called Sing to Me Silvie which is currently in post-production.




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